#GWS Girlz

It is our mission to close the gender gap in B2B sales and build a pipeline of qualified sales talent. Our Girlz are the lifeblood of our program. We work with high school juniors and seniors, college aged students and fresh graduates. We help build confidence and purpose. We assist our Girlz with identifying their super power (s) and provide them with career choices they may not have considered. We offer training, networking and mentoring along the way. We are a supportive community empowering young women to achieve the financial independence they deserve.

Corporate Sponsor

We rely on corporate sponsors for financial support in the development and successful implementation of our training programs and Summer Camps. GirlzWhoSell graduates are a qualified for internships and are certified young sales talent our sponsors can use as a recruiting resource.

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Become a certified and licensed GirlzWhoSell trainer! This program is perfect for teachers, sales trainers and other professionals who believe in our mission and have a desire to run their own business.

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In addition to providing direct GirlzWhoSell webinars, training and mastermind classes we partner with High Schools and Colleges throughout the U.S. who are interested in integrating the GirlzWhoSell training modules and curriculum into their Sales and Marketing degree programs. We partner with professors, admissions directors and school counselors who provide guidance for young women who may be interested in exploring a career in sales.

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If you are a current sales professional and wish to sponsor or mentor a young women interested in exploring a sales career apply now to participate in our program.