Our mission in launching GirlzWhoSell is to close the gender gap in B2B sales and create the largest pipeline of diverse early stage female sales talent. We want to establish sales as an intentional and viable career CHOICE. We want to demonstrate to our Girlz that a CAREER in sales will provide them with flexibility, financial independence and endless opportunities for PROFESSIONAL growth.

“We are not a company we are a movement” ~Heidi Solomon


Through training, mentoring and empowerment we will develop and build the next generation of B2B sales leaders and change the face of sales.  


  • To educate Girlz on the benefits of a career in B2B sales 
  • To get more young and diverse women into sales
  • To make sure girls and boys are paid the same for the same work
  • To eliminate hiring bias across all sales roles
  • To increase the percentage of women career pathed into sales leadership and entrepreneurship


  • Create customized educational opportunities exclusively for Girlz
  • Spread the word through partnerships with high schools and colleges
  • Collaborate with prospective employers to generate and promote a broader range of career opportunities in sales
  • Create a national #GirlzWhoSell Trainer Network
  • Facilitate mentoring and sponsorship opportunities inside and outside of the workplace
  • Build community and provide support through our exclusive #GirlzWhoSell Rainmaker Facebook Group

Heidi Solomon-Orlick GirlzWhoSell Founder and CEO

Hi, my name is Heidi Solomon-Orlick and I am honored to be the Founder and CEO of GirlzWhoSell. I have been blessed to have a successful career in B2B sales for the past 30-years and now it is my time to pay-it-forward by helping to mentor, develop and build the next generation of B2B sales leaders. Throughout my career I have often been the only woman in the room. And while I believe we have made some progress in building equity in sales we have a long way to go.

A little about me….

As a young girl “why” was always the first word out of my mouth. I challenged the status quo. I tried to fix things that I thought were broken, find solutions to problems and improve everything that I touched . I was a competitive equestrian and learned early on that success is not based on how others judge you but how you judge yourself. Girls growing up in my generation were to be seen but not heard. That did not work for me. I had a voice and I wanted everyone who listened to know it. I was told I shouldn’t ask so many questions, that I shouldn’t be so loud and that I was way too assertive. Turns out, those are my superpowers! I have turned those superpowers into the foundation for my success and I am passionate about helping others find theirs.

The result….

I have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and profitability for the employers I worked for. I achieved complete financial independence and became the primary breadwinner for my family. I balanced a career with raising a family. I travelled around the world and have had the privilege of working with and immersing myself into different cultures. I have created solutions for some super cool companies across a wide range of industries. Finally, and maybe most rewarding, I have created thousands of jobs for others who in turn have gone on to create positive change for their families, companies and communities.

GirlzWhoSell is my legacy. Join the movement!

Heidi Solomon Stevie Award

World Wide Sales Executive of the Year

Heidi Solomon Stevie Award

Woman of the Year in Sales