What We Do

GirlzWhoSell “Empower Hour” Professional Webinar Series (Virtual)

In our professional webinar series we will feature the stories of successful B2B sales executives who have broken the mold and busted through the glass ceiling of sales leadership. We will explore their journey and learn how and why they opted for a career in sales.

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GirlzWhoSell #exploresales Bootcamp (Virtual)

In this 10 week immersive training experience you will have the opportunity to identify your super power and explore how that can be leveraged for a successful career in sales. In this training we will:

  • Explore the benefits and opportunities of a B2B Sales Career
  • Complete a questionnaire that will help you identify your sales archetype
  • Identify ways to leverage your unique skills
  • Learn some basic sales techniques used by the pros
  • Includes bonus content from successful female sales leaders

GirlzWhoSell #salesbydesign Workshop (Virtual)

For those that know that sales is right for them, register for our 3 Day #salesbychoice Workshop. In this workshop you will:

  • Deep dive into your sales archetype to gain a better understanding of what makes you truly unique!
  • Learn several new sales techniques including product/company research, prospecting, solution selling, overcoming objections and how to leverage heart and authenticity as a competitive differentiator!
  • Partner up and apply your new skills to “sell” a product of your choosing
  • Prepare a brief presentation and sales campaign
  • Make a brief sales pitch to a panel of professionals and receive valuable feedback
  • Close the deal!
  • Receive an award and certificate!

6-Week GirlzWhoSell #sales4success Mastermind (Virtual and Summer Camp)

In this 6-Week #Sales4Success Mastermind Course you will join together with a cohort of other students who are serious about a career in sales and who are actively exploring career options. In this course you will:

  • Complete a fully interactive and immersive sales training course developed and customized by the GirlzWhoSell training organization
  • Practice your sales techniques with the support of professional B2B sales executives and trainers
  • Select and research a company you are interested in working for and/or selling to
  • Prepare a customized sales presentation
  • Participate in a “sales-pitch panel” competition
  • Winner will receive $1,000 award
  • Meet with potential employers seeking to hire new sales talent. Learn what they are looking for and build your network!
  • Receive a GirlzWhoSell sales certificate

GirlzWhoSell Train-the-Trainer Program (in development)

Start your own business! Become a certified GirlzWhoSell trainer and take the show on the road!